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124 Pleasant Street
Marblehead, MA, 01945
United States


Each water harvest requires we row out to find the best salt blooms off the coast of Marblehead.

Our salt is made according to a 1,600-year-old process perfected by monks of Mount Athos, yet prepared using local sea water from the Marblehead coast North of Boston.

We are one of the few salterns on the East Coast of the United States and the only one that uses ancient, monastic saltern methods.

Unlike mass produced salts, ours benefit from a seasonality and vintage that can only occur with small batch salts. Autumn, winter, spring and summer salts are unique in that they have distinct algal, current and saline bloom signatures.

We can also vary the minerality and the salinity within a certain tolerance for our more demanding customers providing a bespoke saline experience.

You may also notice the live taste quality and delicate crystalline structure of our fresh salt that melts right on contact. Because of the freshness of our salt, you can also use less of it which makes it perfect for those looking to cut down on their salt consumption.



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Marblehead, Massachusetts.  Some call it the Birthplace of the American Navy.  Others the salvation of the USS Constitution from HMS Tenedos and HMS Endymion.  A few proud ones call it the Birthplace of Marine Corps Aviation.

We call it home.

The Marblehead Salt Co.

Phone:     +1.781.797.0211

Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm

Annual closures (orders placed during this period will be filled when we return):

Closed for Christmas Feasts December 24 through January 7 every year.

Closed for the Annunciation March 25

Closed for Orthodox Holy Week, Easter and Easter Monday every year.

2015 - April 3 through April 13, Opening April 14

2016 - Closed from 22 April, Opening May 3

2017 - Closed from 7 April, Opening April 18

2018 - Closed from 30 March, Opening April 10

Closed for the Transfiguration August 6


The Marblehead Salt Co. is located in the small coastal Town of Marblehead.

Founded in 1629 less than 20 miles North of Boston, Marblehead is the Birthplace of the American Navy.

On September 5, 1775 the Hannah, under orders from General George Washington and command of Captain John Glover, sailed out upon North Shore waters to "seize such Vessels as may be found on the High seas or elsewhere, bound inward and outward to or from Boston in the Service of the ministerial Army."

In 1912, it also became the Birthplace of Marine Corps Aviation.

We are proud members of a wonderful community with an over 400 year tradition of living on, with and by the sea.

See Doliber Cove or Peach's Point on the map?  Yep.  I went to school with Peaches and Dolibers.  It's part of what makes Marblehead a magical place.