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124 Pleasant Street
Marblehead, MA, 01945
United States


Each water harvest requires we row out to find the best salt blooms off the coast of Marblehead.

Our salt is made according to a 1,600-year-old process perfected by monks of Mount Athos, yet prepared using local sea water from the Marblehead coast North of Boston.

We are one of the few salterns on the East Coast of the United States and the only one that uses ancient, monastic saltern methods.

Unlike mass produced salts, ours benefit from a seasonality and vintage that can only occur with small batch salts. Autumn, winter, spring and summer salts are unique in that they have distinct algal, current and saline bloom signatures.

We can also vary the minerality and the salinity within a certain tolerance for our more demanding customers providing a bespoke saline experience.

You may also notice the live taste quality and delicate crystalline structure of our fresh salt that melts right on contact. Because of the freshness of our salt, you can also use less of it which makes it perfect for those looking to cut down on their salt consumption.


Payments & Returns

We Care for Our Clients.

Available Payments:  We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Return Policy - Customer Care is Our Top Priority

The Marblehead Salt Company is confident you will fully enjoy the superior quality  of our artisanal products.  We stand behind every single item.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase of any of our products, or if we have made an error in your shipment, please accept our apologies and contact us immediately so we can address the difficulty as quickly as possible.  Please contact us by email at to discuss your return options.    Craftsmanship is guaranteed and we will replace any order we agree is defective.

Items which are custom orders, which have been opened or partially consumed will not be returnable.  We suggest first placing a small order for sampling purposes (less than 5 pounds) before placing orders for larger quantities of salts.  We encourage all customers to check their orders thoroughly upon receipt and notify us of any damages or problems within 10 days of the original order date.

Refunds: Approved refunds will be issued in the same way in which the product was originally purchased (credit card, check, etc.).  If the item being refunded was shipped for free and is not considered damaged or faulty, refunds will be issued less the amount of our cost to ship the product and credit card fees.


Most orders are packed same day and shipped next day.  We will do our best to accommodate any cancellation requests that have not yet been processed or shipped, but we are a small business and cannot accommodate every request.