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124 Pleasant Street
Marblehead, MA, 01945
United States


Each water harvest requires we row out to find the best salt blooms off the coast of Marblehead.

Our salt is made according to a 1,600-year-old process perfected by monks of Mount Athos, yet prepared using local sea water from the Marblehead coast North of Boston.

We are one of the few salterns on the East Coast of the United States and the only one that uses ancient, monastic saltern methods.

Unlike mass produced salts, ours benefit from a seasonality and vintage that can only occur with small batch salts. Autumn, winter, spring and summer salts are unique in that they have distinct algal, current and saline bloom signatures.

We can also vary the minerality and the salinity within a certain tolerance for our more demanding customers providing a bespoke saline experience.

You may also notice the live taste quality and delicate crystalline structure of our fresh salt that melts right on contact. Because of the freshness of our salt, you can also use less of it which makes it perfect for those looking to cut down on their salt consumption.


Halloween T-Shirts featuring Garlic Theo!

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Halloween T-Shirts featuring Garlic Theo!

photo 2.JPG
photo 2.JPG

Halloween T-Shirts featuring Garlic Theo!

from 20.00

One day Theo and I were out for a walk and we passed a bunch of people in Salem dressed up as vampires.  We looked at each other and Theo turned his head and said, "Dad, I'm not afraid of those guys, we make garlic salt!"  Yep.  He's one precocious pup.  So for the month of October we're standing up for good old fashioned New England values.  Up with garlic!  Down with vampires!

Get 'em while they last!  Once these are gone that's it!

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